ARSENIC Arsenic is a cancer causing chemical found widely in our environment.
WATER Drinking water must be checked for healthy arsenic levels by your water company, but if you have your own well you should have it tested.
BEDROCK Arsenic deposits within rock can seep into groundwater.
INDUSTRY Arsenic was widely used in mining, agriculture, and wood products. It spread into our water and soil.
SOIL Arsenic used in pesticides decades ago can still be present in soil today.
CHICKEN  Arsenic in antibiotics fed to chickens can end up in their manure, and then back into the soil when used as fertilizer.
APPLES Apples can contain arsenic from soil or water contamination.
RICE Rice plants readily take up arsenic present in soil and water.
RICE Rice and rice products are the most common sources of arsenic in our diet.
 Arsenic in its inorganic form can be harmful to your health. Children may be more sensitive to these effects.
Arsenic in the rock seeps into the groundwater..
Harmful levels of arsenic can be present in drinking water from private wells. Test your well
Arsenic-containing pesticides are mostly banned now. They can still be used in non-agricultural areas.
Arsenic persists in the soils of farmland previously sprayed with arsenic-containing pesticides.
 Arsenic is being removed from chicken feed, but is still present in manure and fertilizer.
Arsenic from the soil can be found in apples and then concentrated in apple juice.
 Rice is of high risk because their kernels absorb more arsenic than other grains. Arsenic in soil and water is readily taken up by rice.
Tips and Health Risks
Choose grains such as couscous, quinoa or millet instead of rice. Make substitutions that have no known risk of arsenic exposure.
Rinsing your rice before cooking will decrease the arsenic content. If you get your drinking water from a private well, make sure it has been tested for arsenic.
Choose other juices over apple juice, or skip juices.
Children are growing rapidly and may be more sensitive to the effects of arsenic.
No amount of arsenic is considered safe. It is a well-recognized cause of skin and bladder cancer. Other potential health impacts include diabetes, heart disease, and immune system problems.
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