Data and Specimens Collected in the New Hampshire Birth Cohort Study

Questionnaire/Interview Data Data Set Name Time Point
Core Dataset Core Core Dataset
Maternal prenatal health/lifestyle PNQ Prenatal
Postpartum Questionnaire PPQ 0-3m
Water and Seafood Questionnaire WSIR Prenatal
Maternal food frequency MatFFQ Prenatal, 12m
4-Month Follow-Up UNH4 4m
8-Month Follow-Up UNH8 8m
12-Month Follow-Up UNH12 12m
18-Month Follow-Up UNH18 - 60 18m - 60m
Placenta Documentation Form Placenta Documentation Birth
Infant 3 day Food Diary 3day Diary 6wk, 12m

Medical Record Review Data Set Name Time Point
Prenatal medical records PNMR Prenatal
Delivery records (maternal/child) DELMR Birth
Infant medical records IMR Birth
Pediatric medical records PEDMR 0-3m,4-8m,12m,18m,24m,36m,48m,60m

Sample Analysis Data Set Name Time Point
Home water Water Analysis Prenatal (repeated if moved)
Toenails (Maternal) PNTOE, PPTOE Prenatal, 0-3m (Postnatal)
Toenails (Child) INFTOE 0-3m, 12m, 36m
Urine (Maternal) UR Prenatal
Urine (Child) As INFUR_As 6wk,12m
Urine (Child) Total Metals INFUR_TEA 6wk, 12m
Placenta Placenta Birth
Stool - - - - - -

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