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New Hampshire Well Water Testing Program

Information about Arsenic in New Hampshire Well Water:

General Information on Arsenic:

Information about Perfluorochemicals (PFCs) Detected in the Pease Tradeport Water System, New Hampshire:

    The NH Department of Health and Human Services (NH DHHS) has provided voluntary blood testing for perfluorochemicals to adults and children who may have consumed water at the Pease Tradeport, a former Air Force Base in the Portsmouth, NH region. Routine testing of the wells at this site in 2014 found levels of one type of PFC, perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS), that were above the provisional health advisory (PHA) level set by the EPA. This well was removed from the water supply. In June 2015, results of these blood tests are being provided to those tested. . Perfluorochemicals (PFCs) are a group of man made chemicals found in a large number of consumer and industrial products. Their chemical structure enables them to persist in the environment. At this time, there is limited data on human health effects of exposure to PFCs. Complete information about this investigation and the testing program can be accessed from this link. The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services has also established a public inquiry line. Please call (603) 271-9461 Monday–Friday 8 am–4 p.m. if you have additional questions about the testing program.

  • New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services: Contaminant Found in Pease Tradeport Water System

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